Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

Pretty fun for the most part. Quarter ‘til the end didn’t keep me engaged. Good score, visuals, etc. Love the opening shot, love the final shot (those two things are making me reconsider how I feel about the whole thing). 

I don’t watch trailers unless they’re before a movie at a theater so all I knew going in was that it was a who-dunnit and that Daniel Craig was in it, so I kept being surprised when a familiar face showed up on screen. 

I’ll leave this Billy Wilder quote: “You don’t know it but you very often tell the same thing four or five times. The audience is so far ahead of you. So don’t spell it out that clearly - let them add two and two together. You have to stimulate their minds and you have to make them work with you and once you do that, that’s fine. If you make them lazy, if you just do it in the banal way, you don’t involve the audience in the game you’re playing.”

Very Mild Spoiler: Right near the end when a character yells out a mute point? Awful decision-making leaving that in there. If it was supposed to be funny it was a huge buzzkill. 

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