Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★

It's another "Fear Street" movie that's a little too long, getting less and less interesting the more it reveals about its villain and mythology. But -- I had a good time with this trilogy. I like how this one reverts to '94 for the final act. And I like these actors. The settings are always a gimmick -- and here they're cribbing "The Witch," which I'm here for -- but the story is never not grounded in the search for teenage power. Is it possible to break generational bonds? Are we in control of our own lives? Can we be happy, and be ourselves?

The themes are never particularly weighty, and the scares are never scary, but the characters are written and performed well enough to add an extra level of depth and pathos that you might not expect from a teen drama. The package plays up when the aesthetics go big, like in "1994," but this is a bounceback after the trilogy sagged in the middle. It's a fun cap on a big-swing, three-feature release that's flawed, yeah, but really pretty original, too.

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