Pig ★★★½

We don't get a lot of things to really care about

In the recent past, Nicolas Cage might have given few shocks in regards to his bizarre and undeterred script choices; but one couldn't repudiate the charm and fidelity he brings to the table every freaking time. Yet again, Mr. Cage flaunts instinctive competence and ingeniously consummated this entire execution on his lone shoulders. Needless to say, this was his time to shine, and Boy Oh Boy! didn't he rose to the occasion!

Storywise, Michael Sarnoski's 'Pig' exemplifies a lot of things, and Vengeance isn't on that list! Unlike some contemporary tales with comparable narrative setups; it rather advocates Humanism, Leniency, and the imperative resilience of mortal minds to dissociate oneself from emotional instability so that we, as human beings could finally embrace our peace of mind.

A compendium of some thought-provoking connotations, that can be found deep underneath its core conception. Wherein the principle of 'less is more' becomes all the more prevalent. A righteous narration that solicits viewers' full attention and does everything in its power to hold on to the same.

Whether it be the astonishing piece of Cinematography that signifies its artsy representation or the sumptuous Score that intuitively alleviates our hearts and souls; It is an indisputable fact, that it is indeed the technicalities that have immensely helped in terms of building up the much-needed ambiance as well as a certain sense of Isolation that remains resolute.

There's a state of dejection in here that utters, or should I rather say; cries in deafening silence. As desolation and despair slowly take over; we end up with an inexplicable sensation that all boils down to individual interpretations and personal understandings.

For me, 'Pig' is an existential, contemplative humane drama that plays with our hopes and anticipations only to subvert them in the latter stages. Aptly enunciating the ideology of Nonviolence through such guileful and deceptive stance from the Director, which to be honest, is going to be demoralizing to many but for some, it would be a great deal of pleasure.

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