Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★½

Okay, this could take a while! There's a lot to tell, just bear with me, alright?

This time we travel further back in time; 1666, to be precise! On having a quick look at the teaser; the majority of the viewing audience was presuming that it would fall in line with one of the most talked-about Horror movies in the last decade i.e. The VVitch. Well, let me tell you this right off the bat; That is not the case. It is not even in the vicinity of that Cult Classic by Robert Eggers.

Although, that doesn't inevitably mean the film was bad! It's quite the opposite. All I'm saying is that the creators have obviously taken a handful of inspirations from Eggers' work; However, in due course, they shaped it in a way that suited them the most. Medieval clothing, thick accents, ecclesiastic ethos; have to say, they spared no effort to consummate the much-needed ambiance. But the all-around setting never really reverberated with the aurae of dread or desolation; two of the most sought-after facets of medieval storytelling.

In contrast with the previous chapters, I now have grave reservations about its technical capabilities. First off, why is there a significant number of hand-held shootings? I am perfectly aware of the fact that hand-held/shaky camera movements can very well be beneficial in certain situations but they resort to this approach far too many times. Begs the question, was that really necessary? And what is going on with the Score? It is highly Inconsistent, uneven, and unreasonably loud.

By all accounts, its greatest strengths lie in Writing. Which intently mull over the inhuman practices that happened time and time again during the middle ages. Infamously known as 'Witch-hunt'. Not only countless innocent women have suffered misfortune, but they also underwent indescribable torments & agony; owing to baseless superstitions or self-seeking conspiracies done by Men. Just goes to show how filthy and disgraceful the history of our human civilization is.

Furthermore, the storyline also speaks of Love, Sacrifice & Acceptance. The liaison of Deena & Sam (Ably portrayed by Kiana Madeira & Olivia Scott Welch respectively) holds the key to this entire narrative structure. Characterization is another critical aspect that has ensured that it all comes off naturally and does not seem contemptuous.

When all is said and done it would be up to you to arrive at a conclusion. Your mentality, your point of view will eventually determine the final judgment. Not trying to push you or anything but dare I suggest keeping an open mind and try to see this through compassion and empathy.

If two people truly love each other, who are we to judge? Regardless of their sexual orientation, irrespective of the color of their skin, or the distinctive cultural backgrounds they belong to; Do these things even matter? Loving somebody with all you've got; Tell me, what's so wrong with that? Love without conditions, love without reasons; is that a 'Sin'? Could it ever be? Should it be the case; ask yourself, aren't we all 'Sinners' then?

I don’t fear the devil. I fear the neighbor who would accuse me. I fear the mother that would let her daughter hang. I fear Union...
They lead us like lambs to the slaughter and expect us to just follow...
Well, they will see, I am no lamb...
If they want a witch, I will give them a witch

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