Suspiria ★★★★★

I was quite impressed with many aspects of Suspiria on the first viewing but i still found it difficult to form a concrete opinion on it as nothing in particular stuck out for me. This viewing however gave me a completely different experience which i will relish for quite some time. Suspiria is one of the most masterfully made horror films I've ever seen, and definitely the best of this genre to come out in the past decade. It's fantastic score, choreography and immersive tone and mood successfully create a grueling and unnerving experience of 146 minutes filled with tension and dread. Despite its creepy and unsettling atmosphere, and the bizarre turn of events it takes, there's something really beautiful and tender in the core of Suspiria. As weird as this sounds, i can totally see it becoming a comfort film for me in the future.
Suspiria's brilliance lies in how it takes the bare bones of the story of the original film and expands on it thematically, instead of being an out and out horror film with jumpscares. While Argento's film succeeded in creating an otherworldly experience with its energetic and somewhat epileptic atmosphere, Guadagnino does the same with a more mysterious, patient and thoughtful storytelling. Themes of motherhood, sisterhood, transformation through dance, power struggle with parallels drawn between divided Berlin and Markos Dance Company are explored here. The score by Thom Yorke is fantastic and elevates the tone of the film so much, with Suspirium and Unmade being two of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard in a long time. The attention to detail in each and every shot, the magnificent choreography of dance sequences and Tilda Swinton being Tilda Swinton; i could go on and on fanboying about this film. Just make sure only Luca Guadagnino is allowed to make remakes from now on.

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