Spencer ★★★★

Vibrant and sometimes anxiety inducing. This was slightly different than what I expected, tho I must say I wasn’t as impressed by it as much as I had hoped. There are loads of positives here which ultimately outweigh the negatives for me. All the technical aspects are phenomenal, everything looks way too perfect which sort of plays into the argument the film makes that these people do not exist in a world similar to ours and no this wasn’t a ‘British people aren’t real’ joke. Jonny Greenwood’s score is the best I’ve heard in a long long time. Kristen Stewart was pretty good in the role, not as great as I expected. The first scene in which she goes in a bar or cafe or whatever the fuck that was and says she has lost her way, I thought to myself this…is…not working…for me. But overall I think this was the best work she has done and like I said I liked it.

I loved the way Sandringham is shown more reminiscent to a prison than a palace. Diana is weighed when she walks in, she’s kept in a cold cell, her windows are kept closed, they aren’t bound by bars but by beautiful drapes. She can’t keep her privacy here because everybody hears everything she says, she even has a guard specifically to watch over her. Also she can’t go to her home, the path to which is blocked by barb wires under total surveillance 24/7.

i found it interesting how Diana isn’t shown to be a perfect person herself. She is whiny, rebellious and sometimes acts like a child. Which I think serves as a nice contrast between her acting like a kid and everyone around her being way too mature. Also the royal family themselves weren’t shown to be as evil as they are, they really mellowed down on that aspect. At first I found that a little iffy but I think the argument that’s being made here is that the film isn’t as much about how evil the royal family is, but rather that both them and Diana are flawed and misfits to each other and cannot co-exist in any way, and it’s not any specific side’s fault that things turn out like this. Whether this is the right message to put out especially considering how well everyone in the world now knows about the royal family, is something I’m confused about as well.

Other than that, and some things being very on the nose, and ofc the ending which breaks away the entire tone of the film, I think Spencer is a great film which I really enjoyed watching.

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