Charade ★★★½

A very good and intriguing mystery with a bit silly, but quite good performances and a very good combination of romance and good comedy, which is adapted to the events. Somehow I felt that the mystery could have been much better, although it is intense throughout the entire film, everything seems rather unconvincing to me, and the very premise that we see at the end does not leave a very strong impression. It is easy to feel that something is missing in creating a better atmosphere of mystery, but certainly, the film develops very well, and thus constantly provides us with new insights into the mystery, which will intrigue us for further events. A nice turn of events makes us wonder what will happen next. In some moments, it seems that some scenes were missing or there was such a scenario, because I think we should have gotten more insight into the villain himself in his events, but on the other hand, if we had gotten that, I wouldn't have had that shock of moments (which didn't bother me surprised something) when it is revealed who he really is.

Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn were a very great, but also intriguing tandem. Their relationships here were very diverse, because as the mysterious events develop, new secrets of the characters are revealed, and their relationships can be suspicious, loving... Apart from those two, the others were solid, and also very intriguing characters.

Charade is certainly a very good mystery from which I expected a better ending, but this is also quite decent.

My Rating: 7/10

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