Sick ★½

I really don't know why this film is so supported by the audience, and has an undeservedly high rating, which gives the impression that this is a good film, but in fact it is the complete opposite.

Although there are some good times with COVID, this is again a pure rehashing in an attempt to create a good slasher, which in the end turned out to be much worse than expected.

The way in which the situation of COVID was used and transferred to the action of a slasher is so stupid and senseless, that in the end this comes to us as some kind of comedy or parody about the account of COVID. I really don't see how the people who made this movie expected viewers to take this movie seriously, because this movie is anything but serious. I understand that there is a lot of blood and brutality, and the theme itself is like that, but everything is so predictable, full of clichés, illogicality and stupidity in the events, and thus a very senseless plot is created, which completely jumps out of horror and turns into something completely different.

Although the villains are pretty creepy, and add to the tension, simply the reason they do all these scary things makes us wonder if the makers of this movie were serious about making this horror, lol.

Sick is certainly a sick movie, but in a very bad sense of the word, lol. I definitely don't see why this movie got so much attention, but we all have different tastes, so that's not up for debate.

A horror film, which possesses every possible film cliché of that genre, and totally frivolously changes the direction in which the film goes.

My Rating: 3/10

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