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This review may contain spoilers.

Exceeded my expectations actually. It's no masterpiece, it's not even excellent, but I still really really enjoyed myself. Most of the characters were interesting, the story was enjoyable, the acting was really good. Definitely got messy at points, particularly in the last 40 minutes, plus there's a bit of cringy stuff here and there but for the most part I really really liked this. Reminded me a lot of The Lion King as well, they both involve a character becoming king, only for another character to get the throne instead, a dead father who was a big influence on the son's life, an uncle killing the main character's father (but in this case it was a father killing the main character's uncle) plus Africa. I'm not saying they're the same movie but I kind of got that vibe while watching it. Expected this one to be a 7/10 but it's fun so fuck it who cares

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