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  • Love Actually

    Love Actually

    this movie just reminds me why i’ve never been a fan of love movies except for a handfew. it’s cliches and realism are things that you only see in movies and not in real life, they rely too much on “the power of love” over how love really works. these storylines are just ridiculous that i was actually laughing: a bunch of 10 year olds going to the airport confessing their feelings and saying they’re the love of their life,…

  • Kalel, 15

    Kalel, 15

    so what was the point? i guess they tried to spread HIV awareness but was immensely overshadowed by poverty porn and the typical problems that a teenager faces. i don’t like the message it shows that once you get diagnosed with HIV, your life is over so therefore i did not like the ending. i get how they showed his troubled household as to why kalel acts how he does and how this attributed to his infection of HIV, but…

  • The Prom

    The Prom

    after a streak of ridiculously good movies, i was bound to hit a bad one. we watched this as a family as it looked like a good family movie but we just ended up disappointed and somewhat annoyed. i’m an advocate for equality and race but this movie’s message was too “in your face” and to the point that they based the whole plot on these issues alone. i have no idea how they were able to get meryl streep and nicole kidman to sign on but james corden should never do movies again.

  • Jagged Edge

    Jagged Edge

    maybe for it’s time, it was good. that’s not an excuse though as most of my favorite movies are pretty old. this movie had a “twist” that i predicted by the first 5 minutes, it had very unrealistic scenes particularty the ones in the courtroom. what kind of attorneys don’t even know who their witnesses are? the whole typewriter story was a disaster and it’s obvious they dragged some scenes to further lengthen the movie. again, maybe for it’s time it was good because this is barely watchable now.

  • Submarine


    my god, another one of these types of movies. i feel like i’ve seen so much “indie” movies that just dealt with a teenager who’s a loser that is lost in life. he lives in a troubled household and looks for love. he listens to indie rock to get through the day. this formula has been used again and again and has constantly failed.

  • Weathering with You

    Weathering with You

    oh give me a break, how much of a simp can this main character get. you ruin tokyo with all the rain just so you can get a girl, good job! the plot was kind of cliche in it’s own right anyway, what saved it was the stunning animations. this is nothing compared to “your name”.

  • Fantasy Island

    Fantasy Island

    trash, poor adaption of a not so good show but had a unique concept. i cringe so hard at those brothers, corny af.