Migo has written 13 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2021.

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    around the first half of this film, i was thinking to myself: "this movie's satire is so accurate w real life, this is genius." after that point, i started to say “ok we get the point". i just felt it got a bit on the nose and what was supposed to be a silly movie anyway turned out a tad bit too silly. nonetheless, i appreciated the experimental approach that the film took. the writing and script were fresh and…

  • Kate



    predictable action movie but i appreciated the efforts with the neon aesthetics and shots of Japan, like that it didn't shy away from violence too.

  • Stand by Me

    Stand by Me


    def think I would have enjoyed it more if I was younger. I didn't have a necessarily fun childhood at the age of these characters, it's the high school and college settings that I truly relate to with a sense of nostalgia. river phoenix was really on the way to stardom and I loved the message of the film that we're all children at heart.

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    A Quiet Place II delivered in its trademark suspense using clever camera framing and scoring to enhance the experience, it felt like a rollercoaster ride at times. I don't think it had as many memorable moments compared to the first installment, I also thought there were too much scenes of just walking around.

     Another issue I had was the sound mixing? Though maybe it's just me, i know the dialogue was supposed to be said in a whisper type tone…

  • Stowaway



    I'm not a big space film advocate but I thought this had a great idea that led to flawed execution with plotholes. I'm a fan of the 2 leading actresses but I didn't expect anything over the top with this film due to the lack of promotion by Netflix.

    From the first scene, you are taken into a ride with these crew members. The pacing was a bit slow until the sudden conflict, from then on the film incorporates suspense. The screenplay was off as there were numerous questions left unanswered, however it's a pretty fun experience with a nice score and visual effects.

  • Friends with Benefits

    Friends with Benefits


    I've always been intrigued by the superficial aspects of love and how it can work in the long run. This type of relationship doesn't get explored as often, the very first that did it was "When Harry Met Sally". I like how it sparks a debate on if men and women can ever truly just be friends, especially if physically attracted to one another.

    Commitment is a hard thing to promise and sometimes we need to go this route to…

  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    As a pop culture geek, this was fun to watch as it involved numerous shoutouts to music and film. I particularly liked the whole sequence with "The Shining", one of my favorite movies. This was vintage Spielberg as the cinematography was a blast to look at, it looked like you were in control of this video game.

    However, outside these elements: the film lacks engagement and storytelling. Some parts looked messy and complex, the adrenaline of reading the book is a better experience as it didn't have to go through issues of copyright.

  • I Am Legend

    I Am Legend


    I think I liked this more than I should have just cause it’s so similar to current events. Will Smith’s acting was top-notch and he nailed the feeling of isolation and loneliness like all of us right now.

    I anticipated this wouldn’t be an entertaining watch since it was just him and his dog, some scenes really dragged on. I liked the last 5 minutes and its allegory on sacrifice and happiness.

  • What Happened to Monday

    What Happened to Monday


    black mirror + the umbrella academy = what happend to monday.

    interesting story and started off solid, kinda went downhill from there and the ending wasn’t all too memorable.

  • Cape Fear

    Cape Fear


    While It’s not Martin Scorsese’s finest work, it’s still a very entertaining and gripping watch. I think the movie felt too 90s with it’s effects and action scenes. Robert De Niro gives one of his more underrated performances and truly gives the movie its element of fear.

    The film almost felt claustrophobic as it used a lot of close up shots which can scare you as a viewer. I like the little message in the end on how fear will always…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    I’m mixed about this one. On one hand, I admire the bold and experimental approach they did in making a thriller. The psychedelic visuals, the outfits, the makeup, the soundtrack (which I wasn’t a fan of). Everything was fresh and hip which we don’t often see in movies of this genre.

    I believe they figured they would get heavily criticized for this approach but it also looked like a film that was not afraid of its audience. I think Carey Mulligan’s

  • Run



    Although it’s an intense and fast-paced movie, the suspense dried out after a while. I thought the concept was unique and some scenes had me at the edge of my seat. Both leads did well and were able to carry the film being pretty much the only actors. 

    I found the film repetitive after a while and I wish we got more of a backstory from Sarah Paulson’s character. I also thought there were some loopholes here and there but that 1 hr and 30 went by quickly, the pacing was really fun.