Migo has written 23 reviews for films rated ★★★ during 2020.

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    I feel like I liked it more than I should. The cast were all great but the standouts for me were Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza. I thought the movie was clever combining themes of Christmas, love, and family while getting out its point on equality, LGBT and family standards. 

    I wasn’t super sold on the relationship between the two leads, the film focused more on their arguments and disagreements so we never got to see their “love”. The ending was also…

  • Soul



    This movie couldn’t have been released at a better time. In the middle of the COVID pandemic, the anxiety of everyone has gone up to dangerous territory. This film teaches us to find our purpose, feel blessed, and appreciate the small things. 

    There is nothing wrong with having long term goals but remember to always stay in the present and never take anything for granted. In the words of Ferris Bueller: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

  • A Single Man

    A Single Man


    i wanted to like it but something just felt missing. i don’t know if it’s just because i dislike colin firth as an actor but i just felt the movie was repetitive. it’s a movie about grief but it’s not anything different from what we’ve seen before, we’ve also seen way better execution. the cinematography didn’t impress me either which is surprising with tom ford being known for his style and artistry. i can say that “nocturnal animals” is his more superior work but hopefully he does more.

  • Jesus Is Dead

    Jesus Is Dead


    it’s a breathe of fresh air in philippine cinema. using the same theme of “little miss sunshine” it follows a dysfunctional family attempting to come together through a road trip. it’s appeal was charming and it used timely filipino humor. it also gave a message on how family will always be with you till the end, regardless of all our differences. there were some hit and miss jokes mixed in there but the only way to enjoy this is if you can be silly with it.

  • Another Round

    Another Round


    i wish i liked this more but it’s just slightly above average for me. it had an interesting and original concept on alcohol: how it can help combat things such as loneliness and isolation. it also tells us to drink moderately as too much of this can also ruin our lives for the better. i feel like this is a movie that my uncles or parents would enjoy more as opposed to me, a teenager. i saw some reviews that the ending was one of the best but it didn’t attach to me as much emotionally, i prefer “the hunt” from this director and mikkelsen.

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    it looked beautiful with nice visuals and imagery but perhaps my favorite aspect was the score. aside from this, the theme just isn’t for me and it was hard to sympathize with sally hawkins’ character. i don’t think it garnered anything special to win best picture over a stacked list of nominees.

  • Moonlight



    nothing special, in my opinion. i got the messages and themes but these have been discussed before, especially in other coming of age films. i didn’t get all the hype with mahershala ali’s performance when he was in it for like 30 minutes, i think it’s naomie harris who deserves the praise. i have “la la land” as the best picture winner that year but i could kind of understand the academy’s decision, it still had great storytelling and good filmmaking with a bold message on race and sexuality.

  • Synecdoche, New York

    Synecdoche, New York


    i’m on a kaufmann binge so i stumbled onto this again. i was too young to understand it the first time but i found it even more pretentious this time around. his movies are normally very creative and well thought out but i felt this one had too much going on. i get the idea of loneliness, time and death being the main themes but i thought the execution wasn’t done properly. the plot was intriguing but it just failed to hit the mark, at least from my standpoint. it’s not bad but it’s not as good as other kaufmann films, spike jonze was missed here.

  • Walk the Line

    Walk the Line


    a pretty hard movie to rate since i’m not much of a fan of johnny cash and of biopics in general. i only liked a few such as “the wolf of wall street” and “the social network”. i’m a fan of these actors and they were definetely the highlight of this movie. i’m not sure if they necessarily deserved the oscar nods with reese witherspoon even winning it.

  • The Secret in Their Eyes

    The Secret in Their Eyes


    was excited for this one with the very positive reviews but it wasn’t for me. i may have watched the movie with the wrong mindset, the murder case and the shifting of the present and past made me think this was a full on thriller. i kept waiting for some sort of twist or anything to come up but it wasn’t there. i now understand this movie is more of a redemption story with some hints of drama. i do…

  • Amélie



    i remember watching this when i was really young and liking it, i tried it again and it’s definetely not as good. it’s still a good movie and possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing ones i’ve watched. i thought the movie relied more on amelie’s quirky and happy personality over an actual plot. it really just detailed her troubled childhood and how she just kept her head held high, it showed her acts of kindness and how these are…

  • The Illusionist

    The Illusionist


    great start and build up but had a lousy and predictable ending. like “the prestige”, this is a period movie that revolves around a magician. this one uses more themes of love with good acting and cinematography. the movie was really good until probably the last 45 minutes, in which there were loophole after loophole. for example, they never really explained how norton was able to make those holograms of dead spirits and what that even contributed to the movie. they were foreshadowing the use of illusions all movie long so the ending didn’t really surprise me.