Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★½

really hard movie to rate due to the number of emotions you'll feel while watching it. for that reason alone, i already enjoyed it. the 60s neon aesthetics combined w the wardrobe, soundtrack and direction make this a treat for the eyes, substance wise its not as good. for me, the acting was a bit of a letdown. thomazin showed some acting chops but also showed she's still raw, so much more could have been explored w anya's character which was a bit disappointing. outside the 2 leads, no one really offered serviceable performances. i also felt the themes of horror and "men are trash" looked somewhat cartoonish and repetitive at times though that may just be Wright's style. I appreciated this descent to madness approach but something was definitely missing from my standpoint. overall, its a good watch with a unique setup: just don't raise the bar and start calling this the next black swan, repulsion or mullholland drive. it's a fitting tribute but for some reason, its not one id watch over and over again. 

P.S. also saw the twist coming a mile away