Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

my first reaction is I immediately need to see it again. I felt like this was a lot to take in and I'll definitely need to go back and see the hidden context and symbolism. on first viewing, my interpretation was of a mother and the choices she's made and could have made (all showcased in an acid type experience) but ultimately, she just longs for her family. as a fellow Asian, I could absolutely relate to the culture being displayed and it's just not common to see an Asian immigrant story on the big stage of Hollywood. it portrays a cliche on the "American dream" and has a clear message on nihilism. i'm not too wild about it like others are, some parts of it just felt too absurd and bizzare for my liking though I understand that was what they were going for. nonetheless, its one of the more creative and original works in recent memory.

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