Drive My Car

Drive My Car ★★★★

tried my best to enter this film as blindly as i could but found out it was based on a murakami short. being a big murakami fan, it had all the elements i expected such as existentialism, loneliness and grief. all of these were depicted so beautifully with masterful direction and visuals. i can honestly say i've never seen a film quite like this; everything about it just felt different and fresh. it also showed my main concern as to why i think murakami's work would be better read as opposed to viewed. he explains feelings and emotions so vividly and what the film decided to do for the most part was to try and bring this out in words as opposed to more display of action and acting chops. the con to that was that i definitely felt the 3-hour runtime from this film, the dialogue was too lengthy and i think it had some unnecessary scenes as well. the ending also didn't do much for me but i got what they were trying to go for. nonetheless, it's easily one of my favorite movies of the year and should only broaden the horizon for international cinema.

*the symbolism of driving a car is a way to run away from our grief and problems that go our way. it shows that we can just keep going, to live and fight for another day.

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