Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★½

Normally I’m a fan of Spike Lee’s films despite him making a lot of the same movies with the same themes. I thought “BlacKKKlansman” should have won best picture last 2019 so I kind of had hopes for this one. I just felt a lot of things were forced: a messy script, a lousy pace, average editing, and the overall message of the Vietnam war mixed with issues of race and discrimination: 2 completely different kinds of wars.

I genuinely enjoyed the first half as it talked about trauma from both sides of the spectrum, however, the 2nd half turned into a full-on treasure hunt though I liked how it symbolized closure for their fallen comrade and themselves. I thought the ending appeared too preachy to compensate with current events but this movie was saved by Delroy Lindo’s uncanny performance of a war veteran suffering from PTSD.