Migo Buenafe

Migo Buenafe

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  • Fight Club
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Fallen Angels
  • Y Tu Mamá También

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  • Long Shot


  • Last Vegas


  • Along Came a Spider


  • The Beach


Recent reviews

  • Glass Onion

    Glass Onion


    twist was obvious as soon as edward norton was hired, watch white lotus instead

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    great cast, bonkers, and just a well-written satire. aside from the "eat the rich" morale, I also put this in the "obsessed artist" category as the chef has gotten so caught up in his craft, he has lost all meaning there is to life: the cheeseburger scene was great and Margot's exit showed the chef is broken inside like the customers and the staff, all of which suffering from personal demons such as wealth, power and infidelity.

Popular reviews

  • Minari



    A movie that I found to be very real and personal. I liked that it didn’t use over the top stereotypes to get its point across, most movies made with a setting and period like this usually just shove issues of race and religion to your face. This movie focused more on family struggles and the pursuit of the American dream.

     It shows the hardships of the family spanning 3 generations. We get the point of view of the children,…

  • Kalel, 15

    Kalel, 15

    so what was the point? i guess they tried to spread HIV awareness but was immensely overshadowed by poverty porn and the typical problems that a teenager faces. i don’t like the message it shows that once you get diagnosed with HIV, your life is over so therefore i did not like the ending. i get how they showed his troubled household as to why kalel acts how he does and how this attributed to his infection of HIV, but…