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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I know I watched this for the first time at the latest in 1999. I can’t remember my exact thoughts about it then and I’ve seen it so many times since then that I can’t really forget any of the twists. But I’m not one of those people who think twists are the be all and end all of a movie. It’s still exciting and tense knowing how it ends. If for some reason you haven’t seen Scream yet, spoilers be ahead.

I always loved the movie, but the more slashers and films I see, the better it gets really. The characters are all interesting and well-developed – they exist to fill a stereotype, but defy the rules of that stereotype enough to create an individual personality. I was never really a big fan of Sidney but I appreciate her character more as I get older. Although the final girl isn’t supposed to be the slutty one, they tend to be ‘pretty faces’ who still dress kinda slutty. But Sidney is more of a ‘bland’ face (in terms of, she’s not overly made up or feminine. Campbell has a squarer sort of face and is more natural looking). She also wears daggy clothes throughout, so is quite an interesting lead for a slasher.

The other characters are solid too. I always loved Billy and Stu. Even as a kid, I loved that bit at the end where they’re stabbing each other and covered in blood. They may have been the beginning of my blood-covered men obsession. I remember Matthew Lillard was around a lot in the late 1990s/early 2000s and I always liked the dude, but I especially liked him best as psycho Stu.

I found the music and sound mixing slightly overbearing. I actually thought it was wrong at some points and maybe an ad had popped up on my computer. But nope. I seem to be over sensitive to that kind of thing now. I don’t know if it was maybe on purpose, but it did kind of distract me a few times.

Obviously the writing and directing is on point. The self-referencing can get a little tired, but it’s still amusing. It’s also aged remarkably well, but like all 90s films, the computers and mobile phones give it away. I don’t think I can ever get tired of it though, it’s just such great fun.

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