The Beastmaster

The Beastmaster ★★★½

A super cheesy and pretty cheap fantasy epic that is still pretty entertaining. Marc Singer is the lead character Dar, who has control over all animals with an arsenal of allies including 2 ferrets, a giant black cat and a large bird at his disposal. What he lacks in acting skills he makes up for with muscles. He's out to stop Rip Torn hamming it up while sacrificing children. There are definitely some cool effects scenes, a ring with an actual all seeing eye in it, some vampire type creatures, and Tanya Roberts in basically a loin cloth all backed by a solid orchestrated score. Who the intended audience is for The Beastmaster is anybody's guess as it often feels family friendly, but also contains a couple scenes of nudity and some violence. Either way, this is still an enjoyable movie that's worthwhile for fans of old school fantasy epics.

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