Avatar ★★★★½

Movies that very heavily use CGI are bound to be treated very unkindly by time as computer animation continues to advance. Fortunately, for Avatar its stellar art design is helping soften the blow.

Although some of the magic has worn off Avatar still looks great and remains and fun and entertaining film. Sam Worthington remains a likable hero while Giovanni Ribisi and Stephen Lang make great villains. The world of Pandora remains vivid and incredibly detailed and the neon night scenes still look incredible. Some argue that it's essentially Dances With Wolves with blue aliens and they aren't necessarily wrong, but most films we love have obvious influences and this is no different plus Dances With Wolves is a fantastic movie anyways. The story isn't incredible but it's still interesting to see a man live in two completely different realities at the same time.

Most people that wanted to see this one probably have already as the box office numbers show, but if you are an action/sci-fi fan and haven't then you should definitely check it out.

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