The Graduate

The Graduate ★★★★

Week 13 in Letterboxd Season Challenge 15-16.
Coming of Age Week

Watch at least one previously unseen Coming of Age movie that made it into one of these three lists; BFI's 50 Movies to See Before the age of 14, Adam's Top 50 Coming of Age movies, or mine Zapproved Coming of Age movies.
Movie #1 in Scavenger Hunt #9.
Task #27: A film featuring a person making a dramatic dash to finally have their say before the other person makes a mistake by going away, marrying the wrong person or some such foolish endeavour.
A great and intense coming-of-age movie with a great soundtrack. The audio and the visuals blend perfectly together.
Dustin Hoffmann delivers a great performance as a young unexperienced boy that goes into adulthood with all the consequences that love and desire bring.
Anne Bancroft is brilliant as the cold, calculated and bored woman that seduces a young man.

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