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  • Pom Poko
  • The Monkey King
  • Faust
  • The Tale of the Fox

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  • Requiem for a Vampire


  • The Thing


  • Penitentiary II


  • The Super Inframan


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  • Requiem for a Vampire

    Requiem for a Vampire

    Outlaw clown-girls on the run get into whacky hi-jinx. They are scared silly by bats in wood. The first girl manage to become invisible while hiding behind a tree in a red dress! The other gets buried alive in a grave that she just stumbles into under a bright sun! Eventually there is the secret chateu, complete with protective railings, and the movie has a vampiric fit, that make little sense but is heavy on colorful screams. That final showdown...…

  • The Thing

    The Thing

    Fine performances in this sausage-fest. Yet even the sleep-deprived Kurt Russel is almost out-shoned by that eerie, silent dog! When the gory mutations unfold it's spectacular, but it's odd that with such original creature design, they still went with a cartoonish saucer. Perhaps that's another reference to the previous movie, that I'm still yet to see.

    The music! I need to talk about the music, right. It's amazing, that heartbeat sound and the organ, nothing less. But it's odd music…

Popular reviews

  • Cinderella 2000

    Cinderella 2000

    It's the sexy version of Cinderella, but it's also science fiction, and it's also a musical! An oppressive, sex-negative dystopia, where sexy people are shrunken to doll size in lovely special effects! The "fairy" godfather. The cuddly vaginal aliens. The robot. And the choreographed song and dance scenes, that isn't as shoddily done as I could have expected. Al Adamson didn't have to add all of that, to a movie that at it's core is about full-frontal nudity. But he did anyway, and it's a absolutely beautiful.

  • The Ghastly Ones

    The Ghastly Ones

    Andy Milligan dishes out a 'Cat & Canary'-type thriller, with his own touches of family hatred, the ghost of Jacob Marley, and the shaky cam whenever a scene wraps. Not to mention the gore with saw, pitchfork and other tools, delivered by a hooded killer whose stalking is so Looney Tunes that you'll expect a humorous breaking the fourth wall every second. Don't worry, like any Milligan film, this is deadly serious.

    The filler is just as memorable, with a couple…