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  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat

    It's interesting how this is practically restrained by the standards of modern Hollywood? Sure, this is still a franchise-starter that cost tens of millions of dollars helmed by a director who can be told what to do, but there's something almost quaint about watching one of these things with a comparatively low-profile cast and fights that, while a bit shit, aren't always relying on sheer screen-filling bombast. It's horrifically depressing now that I see it written out like this, but…

  • When They See Us

    When They See Us

    As far as Important Television goes, I don't wanna try to dissuade folks from watching this; it's a valuable story, and emotionally it largely does what it sets out to do. This is a moment in history people should know about. But there's a point where themes stop being expanded upon and then followed into new, related ideas in favor of just repeating and rephrasing, and I thought WHEN THEY SEE US crossed that point well before it reached the…