Moonlight ★★★★★

I think the emotions that I felt while watching Moonlight are the same ones that people felt during Boyhood - the raw, nontheatrical reality of real life.

Sometimes I do one or two sentence reviews if I'm not too interested in a movie post-viewing. Sometimes I make them more in depth. But no analysis of score, cinematography, or - hell! - even performance, can describe the feelings that you get while watching Moonlight. I felt every emotion like a weight in my chest, as if they were physical. I left the movie overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with love, empathy, desire, sadness, and hope.

"Hollywood" movies are fun. Give me any Wes Anderson or Tarantino movie any day and I'll appreciate the detail that went into its set design and script. But along with the creative, we need the real. And goddamn was this movie ever real. I felt like I was a voyeur, peeking into someone else's life. That's how well this film was crafted.

Wow. Just wow.

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