Spencer ★★★★★

Spencer is a ticking time bomb of a film that feels like it’s always hurdling towards an explosion that might or might not ever come. The explosion isn’t necessarily what you want either, because it’s just enough to sit back and marvel at the tension, the anxiety, and the magnificence of the build up happening before your eyes.

Spencer is a shining example in how to do a biopic right. Too many biopics that come out try to cram every single important event from a person’s life in a 2.5 hour runtime, thinking that it will somehow tell us who this person is. But what Spencer gets absolutely right is that by focusing the narrative on a shorter span and honing in on the characters themselves, we understand who Diana really is, because we are being shown instead of told. We see Diana over three days, and I feel like I know more about who the real Diana was than any generic 2 and a half hour, Oscar Bait-y, weepy, structured, movie could have done.

Kristen Stewart is magnificent - a career defining performance. In fact, everyone is at the top of their game here, especially the children they cast to play William and Harry. But the real standout in this film for me was the photography. MY GOD. Every single shot I feel like I could frame in an art museum. It was perfect. So beautiful. And I really like the softness of the contrast in this film - a very warm and hazy movie.

The jazz score. OMG. THE JAZZ SCORE. The tension and hectic energy. That should win Best Score, because it is absolutely fantastic. I just loved everything about this movie so much. It made me feel so sorry for Diana and what that family did to her. But I also felt such a warmth from her interactions with her kids. It’s SO clear that William and Harry absolutely adored her, and she them. That final scene in the car? GOOD GOD. Tears, streaming down my face. Such a wonderful catharsis.

This movie is one of my absolute favorite from 2021. LOVE.

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