Pig ★★★★★

I legit never, in a million years, ever thought I'd be calling a movie where Nic Cage chases after his missing pig one of my favorite films of 2021 so far. BUT HERE WE ARE. These films are right up my alley man. Slow, brooding, moody. The image tells the story. And every other aspect - the music, the acting, the characters - they all add to that perfect image. Movies like this aren't really worried about some huge plot - in fact the plot of this is quite simple: guy loses Truffle pig and tries to find it. It's a film that keeps its cards quite close to its chest and lets you in minute by minute, scene by scene to its beauty.

And what beauty. A film that speaks to the artist in us all - that tries to impart on us the profound wisdom to love what we do, and never compromise. If we have something inside of us, some burning passion that we need to get out in some creative way, if we find the need to express ourselves through whatever medium (be in cooking, painting, singing...) to never let the criticisms of others deter us from our path. It's also a film that juggles some weighty existential musings about life, death, family, and companionship. Yet it manages to handle all of these topics in such a soft, gentle, and easy way. Nothing ever feels heavy handed. The emotions are real, the situations are real.

My favorite moments in this film were the quiet ones with Nic Cage cooking, teaching Alex Wolff the secrets of how to be calm and happy. Or Nic talking to his old baker friend. We really see a moment in time of this man's life as he transitions from holding on to the past and, though slowly, coming to terms with his life and what he's lost. It's a magnificent film, that does everything absolutely right in my book. I know it's not a film everyone will connect to, or even like, but it's one that had my heart within the first few minutes and managed to never let it go. I'm SO glad we are here to witness the Nic Cage revolution. KEEP DOING FILMS LIKE THIS NIC!!

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