Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ★★★★★

This movie might be THE MOST fun and entertaining film ever made. 

Holy shit. This movie is EQUALLY as amazing as Raiders of the Lost Ark, and for entirely different reasons. Raiders focuses more on the characters, introducing us to Indie and what he’s all about. It’s a bold action/thriller that has World War 2 vibes, badass fight scenes, and even some mythology thrown in for some extra razzle dazzle. 

HOWEVER. Whereas Raiders is the primetime, Sunday evening action film, Temple of Doom is 100% the Saturday morning cartoon in your PJ’s with a big bowl of fruity pebbles. It’s just non-stop fun and entertainment: a complete swashbuckling and mystical adventure. It’s goofier than Raiders, absolutely, but that isn’t a bad thing, not at all. It allows more room for comedy, for gags and slapstick. It throws in more mysticism and fantasy. And the action just explodes from scene to scene, with each one seeming to attempt to top the other one. 

The romance here doesn’t take center stage, and that’s perfect. Also CAN WE TALK ABOUT SHORTY?! Shorty is the best sidekick character ever. CAN WE TALK ABOUT the opening to this movie?! ANYTHING GOES?! YES PLEASE. Can we talk about the mine cart chase that should totally be a theme park ride? Can we talk about the dinner sequence which is fucking hilarious? Can we just talk about how good this movie is and how people fail to realize that?! 

And I agree, It was SUCH a bold movie to take Indiana Jones in such a different direction after the first film, and I GUESS I can understand why some might not like just how different this one is. Screw that though! I also see people saying this movie is insensitive? *yawn*. It’s a fantasy/adventure movie, it’s not attempting to be accurate in any way. Hop of the SJW bandwagon peeps. This movie makes me feel like a kid again, playing in the backyard and in the woods behind my house. Just pure fun, wild adventure. A true escape of a motion picture!

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