Kicked in the Head

Kicked in the Head ★★

Abrasive '90s indie comedy full of walking stereotypes going hard on the New Yawk bluster (please shut the hell up, Michael Rapaport) as they bounce around town in a no-stakes narrative (despite there being two big shoot-out scenes) with supposed screwball delight. It's one of those that thinks if it's neurotic and talkative enough and then takes some structural detours later, that makes it charmingly sublime, like a good-natured hang-out flick with an actual voice and some existential pixie dust to sprinkle over you. Kinda like "Swingers", which this resembles quite a bit. But these people have nothing interesting to say, and they say it so annoyingly that the whole movie just became noise after a while.

A lot of it sounds improvised, which would be better than believing that this is the best Kevin Corrigan could do, because he's the co-writer, and as the protagonist as well, I get the sense this was kind of his big break as a creative entity in Hollywood, beyond acting. Martin Scorsese is an executive producer on this; favors were called in, clearly. Corrigan's an offbeat fellow in a good way in a lot of other movies and TV shows (Professor Sean Garrity!), so it sucks to report that his one extra credit personal project is junk.

Good cast however aside from Corrigan (who's written as a naive dreamer, rarely ever a fulfilling part for an actor), and saucy jazz score with some Dean Martin and Co. standards plopped in here and there. Burt Young is the formidable crime boss, Linda Fiorentino the stand-offish love interest, Lili Taylor his loving BFF, and James Woods chews it up in prime typecasting glory as the sleazy con man uncle. There's really no difference other than occupation between this role and the other two bigger ones he played that year, in "Contact" and "Hercules", and that's a plus for anyone who enjoys watching this huge asshole be a huge asshole.

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