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  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women

    All respect in the world to Mike Mills for having the restraint to not fast forward the setting five years so he could soundtrack it with Replacements songs, a band so suited for this particular narrative that I can see most of these characters falling head over heels for them in a matter of years. I'm not sure I would have been disciplined enough to keep it in '79, even as good as those Talking Heads needle drops are.

  • Twin Peaks: The Return

    Twin Peaks: The Return

    The arc of this entire series (from 1990 to 2017)—given the abundance of warmth and humor, and specifically the happy endings for quite a few here in The Return—is one of the most tragic and devastating I've come across in any medium. I'd heard tell of the lingering effects of the eighteenth hour once it reached its own end but god damn is there a world of difference between knowing about it and actually experiencing those final moments as the…

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  • Donnie Darko

    Donnie Darko

    Talking about Drive, Nicolas Winding Refn once said,

    I've always liked characters that, because of the circumstances, have to transform themselves, and in the end, it's inevitable that what they end up becoming is what they were meant to be. . . .The Driver was meant to become a superhero, and he's denied all these things—relationships, companionship. And why would he be denied that? It was because he was meant for something greater.

    I think that idea is why Drive

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    My rating is a little misleading because I really love this movie. Sure, it isn't perfect, but minor pitfalls placed next to John Carpenter and Alan Howarth's spot-on score and some truly horrific moments (that murder in the hospital, anyone?)—not to mention Dean Cundey's fantastic cinematography, evident in the opening credits and the shot featured on the poster—only add to the charm. Having watched this two years in a row now, it very much feels like necessary Halloween viewing, a…