Zodiac ★★★½

Felt the need to rewatch this again, I felt like I was very disappointed with it the first time around. Maybe I was in a bad mood? Maybe I didn't like the pace of the movie? Maybe I didn't understand it? Could be one of those reasone but either way, it doesn't matter anymore. I saw it again and I liked it much better than the second time around.

While I was disappointed the first around, didn't mean I hated it. They were positives that came from it and they still stand. Again, Gyllenhaal, Ruffalo & Sevigny were terrific. Same thing can be said for Downey Jr. Good use of classic music from Fincher. Good direction from Fincher. The cinematography is great. Some great intense moments here and there. Good overall around movie even if it's not Fincher's best, it's a pretty underrated flick and definitely appreciated.

I bought this on DVD last year when I first saw it and heard many say that it's awesome on Blu-Ray. I might have to get it on Blu-Ray then.

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