Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★½

I don’t know, this was a huge disappointment for me. This was supposed to be the best of the three. The trailers suggested that to me with it’s The VVitch vibe along with some Terrence Malick’s The New World (Leigh Janiak did say was influenced by Malick and his shots of that movie) that this would be such a beast. And Janiak doesn’t disappoint in either of those areas. There’s some great shots, The VVitch vibes is there, Marco Beltrami/Anna Drubich/Marcus Trummp do fantastic with the score & the performances are very good especially from Kiana Madeira with her strongest work in the trilogy (she better get more roles after this, she has some talent).

The first hour was good. However, these movies haven’t been scary to me but they’re creepy at times, gory & disturbing which is why I was expecting more from the first hour. It’s still good enough but it wasn’t creepy or disturbing or intense enough. Then, when we go back to the core of the 1994 narrative. It takes a while to pick up IMO until that great finale which reminded me of the season 3 finale at the food court “The Battle of Starcourt” in Stranger Things.

At this point of this review, some of you might be saying this kind of sounds like a 3-star rating from me. I know, it should. I had trouble on where I would end up rating this between 2.5/5 & 3/5 but I was very disappointed with this one so I ended up with the one you see at the top. It could change though with a rewatch as I plan on revisiting these movies again but as for my reaction for this at the moment, I don’t know, perhaps I had way too high expectations for it and I could’ve taken the same approach as I did with the first two (even though i’ve been looking forward to this trilogy for a while but hey it worked especially 1978) and lowered my excitement just a bit down. It’s just that teaser was dope and got me stoked lol!

Anyways, as of now, it’s a disappointing conclusion despite a good first hour along with a satisfying finale, strong performances, some beautiful cinematography & a brilliant score to an entertaining, very cool & good saga that provided us some great horror movie throwbacks. And yes, there is a mid-credits scene that suggests that there will be a sequel. I’m all for it. Bring it on!

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