Cinderella ★★

I love the Pitch Perfect trilogy even the 3rd was great, Blockers was hilarious & even Let It Snow was sweet. But this is by far Kay Cannon’s worst work to date and the worst of the Cinderella adaptations. But it’s not awful as many are claiming it to be. It does have a weak script (surprisingly from Cannon), some cringe moments, decision for a couple of questionable modern-day songs (Seven Nation Army in a specific scene just seemed out-of-place and bizzare for my liking) & it does run out of gas the last 20 minutes.

My baby, Camila Cabello does a solid job in her movie debut as titular character. She has the charm and shows some of the comedic range that she has as she is in real life even though she tends to try a little too hard sometimes when it comes in real life lol. My crush for her aside, I do like her as a musician and she gets to show off some of her singing here but as much as I love her and her as a musician, her vocals aren’t her best strengths and a couple of the songs she sings here are out of her vocal range. But she did solid here, she does need work on a couple things to improve her acting for her future movie/tv career which I honestly think she’ll continue to do here and there.

Idina Menzel & Billy Porter give the movie a boost. They’re the best parts of thing despite their limited screentime. I liked Nicholas Galitzine as well. Pierce Brosnan & Minnie Driver are criminally wasted. I laughed a few times, they’re some fun moments, good music (singing modern day songs) & of course, Camila Cabello 😍😘

Overall: It’s not awful, it has good things for it but Amazon/Kay Cannon are better than this.

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