Chasing Amy

Chasing Amy ★★★½

God, I miss these good ol' Kevin Smith movies but looks like his best days are over after Cop Out. Chasing Amy is one of his good films with nice performances, raunchy humor & good writing. Joey Lauren Adams is always cute just not blessed with good acting skills but she was fine here. Ben Affleck always gets crap for his acting but seems like people forget he's had so many good roles when he was younger including this, Good Will Hunting and Dazed & Confused. And has improved lately with roles in State off Play, Extract & The Town. I'm a big fan of Jason Lee's when he's in Kevin Smith movies (sure, he was great in Enemy of the State & Almost Famous) he's at his best in these types of roles.

Chasing Amy is nowhere as funny as Clerks 1 & 2, Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back and Zack & Miri but it's a very solid film.

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