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This review may contain spoilers.

There wasn’t anything overly intelligent or original about the story itself, but the cast made it feel fresh and exciting, and there were a few sharp points made here and there.

“A him gets noticed. A her gets ignored. And for once, we’d like to be ignored.”

It was also really funny. It was filled with subtle comments as well as explicit jokes that kept me entertained the whole time.

“What is it, is it genetic? Are the whole family like this?”
”Except for my aunt Ida.”

I love that Daphne got involved at the end.

“I don’t have that many close female friendships, and book clubs are the worst, so I just thought, you know, this could be something fun to share.”

And I don’t condone committing crimes, but as long as it’s fiction, it’s just fun to see women succeed.

"Whatever happens tonight, I want you to remember one thing. You are not doing this for me. You are not doing this for you. Somewhere out there is an eight year old girl lying in bed dreaming of being a criminal. Let’s do this for her." 

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