• Unpregnant
  • Crush
  • Senior Year
  • Intermission
  • Creep 2
  • Creep
  • Broken
  • The Northman
  • Everything Everywhere All at Once
  • Newsies
  • Newsies
  • Catwoman: The Feline Femme Fatale
  • Joker: Put on a Happy Face
  • X
  • The Adam Project
  • Looking at the World in a New Way: The Making of Tenet
  • Gotham Uncovered: Creation of a Scene
  • Anthropoid
  • Ending the Knight
  • The Fire Rises: The Creation and Impact of The Dark Knight Trilogy
  • The Batmobile
  • Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight
  • The Lost City
  • Disco Pigs
  • Moon Knight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
  • Lemonade Mouth
  • Starstruck
  • Ice Princess
  • King Richard
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
  • Ruby Sparks
  • Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
  • Nightmare Alley
  • Red Lights
  • Turning Red
  • Hairspray
  • Dora and the Lost City of Gold
  • If Anything Happens I Love You
  • Memento
  • Little Fish
  • Ingrid Goes West
  • Django Unchained
  • The Disaster Artist
  • The Batman
  • Fresh
  • Rough Night





favorite charlie hunnam movies in order


rissa 9 films

that sexy british bald guy who always comes in clutch


rissa 4 films

ryan gosling ranked by how badly i want him to fuck me


bre 16 films

red flag for men white flag for women


etsy 21 films

toxic relationships are hot industrial complex


bray 21 films

Murder mysteries (directed by people who've made films in a long-running space-related franchise) that take place mostly in large mansions populated by a colorful cast of rich white people in which Daniel Craig investigates Christopher Plummer's family

David Chen

David Chen 2 films

they literally could have cast jake gyllenhaal but go off i guess


nadia 21 films

The Sequel Was Better

☆ Sophie ☆

☆ Sophie ☆ 53 films

movies where white girls are trapped in a time loop and are forced to live the same day over and over and end up falling in love with the nice nerdy boy they were mean to and always ignored


rissa 2 films

watchlist for if you’re emotionally damaged and enjoy putting yourself through incredible amounts of mental pain


aliyah 24 films