The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

And just like that The Batman has lost its place as the darkest* movie of 2022. 

This is definitely the most accessible of Eggers’ movies and it’s also his most expansive. If you’ve ever tried watching The Witch or The Lighthouse and wished that it had a more traditional narrative then this is the movie for you! That isn’t to dissuade people who love his previous works from watching this either though, as The Northman once again brings in a heap of semi-historical realism and dialogue—or at least it feels that way.

Though there are a number of standout moments I’m surprised that I came away most impressed by the nighttime shots, especially the ones that were mostly in grayscale. They were beautiful and it made me wonder why more directors don’t shoot like this from time to time!

Last thing I’ll mention is just how similar this is to The Green Knight in tone, worldbuilding, Ralph Ineson, and an important fox lol.

*As in darkest lighting

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