Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State ★★

Waaaaay too many 20 minute long scenes of the at the time hip 90's young actors spitting longitudes and latitudes into headsets while another set of hip 90's young actors yell "Which way did he go?!" into their headsets while they chase down Mr. Smith all the while intercut with shots of satellites repositioning in space and slam zooming camera angles back down to the streets of Maryland while in pursuit. And the stuff with Tom Sizemore's mob boss was just downright laughable. That big ball of a heart attack just sits there and sweats while he threatens as only Tom Sizemore can, which was the most entertaining part, but not on purpose. Maybe the 20 year expiration date on this has greatly hindered what I always heard was a good film from the Bruckheimer/Scott library, but I just found this laughingly absurd at most times and as headache inducing as Michael Bay's asteroid flick.

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