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  • Castaway on the Moon
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  • The Best of Youth

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  • Cruella


  • The Plague Dogs


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Recent reviews

  • The Divorcee

    The Divorcee


    My first Norma Shearer film. I loved all but those last 10 minutes.

  • One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train

    One Hundred Children Waiting for a Train


    A great movie for all those into "films about film". At least that was my first approach, but then you're showed how much a universal experience is the film experience.
    Watching the faces and reactions of kids when confronted with the most basic cinema devices as well as the fundamental concepts about filmmaking is mesmerizing. The glance that you have at some of the kid's daily conditions, which is part of the social climate and poverty conditions present at that time in Chile, somehow feels contrasted with the rich response the kids have while assisting the workshop.

  • Mamilos em Chamas

    Mamilos em Chamas

    I still remember the day I saw this movie... those "animal gore" images are hard to forget.
    Put deprave bunny corpse wanting a little something-something and you have the plot in a nutshell. Interested in actually watching something like that? hit play and don't you tell you haven't been warned :-)