A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

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This review may contain spoilers.

Aside from the original, part 3 remains the most highly regarded of the series. And it's certainly got the most memorable theme song!
Largely disregarding the events of Freddy's Revenge - which appears to exist within it's own unique universe - Dream Warriors centres around a group of youths who are patients with suicidal tendencies in a psychiatric hospital, and the last surviving children of those who murdered Krueger. Obviously, Freddy wants revenge (but wasn't the last movie called Freddy's Revenge?...). Anyway, after Kristen (a really young Patricia Arquette) begins to experience bad dreams, Nancy returns from the original, this time as a counsellor for the kids.

One by one, the youngsters realise what's happening as Freddy begins visiting them in their dreams. But they learn to fight back, using their individual personalities to empower themselves with fantastical abilities that they don't possess in the waking world.

But although they do put up a decent fight, Freddy does get the best of some of them, taking them out of the equation with some memorable death scenes (marionette with tendons for puppet strings is a splendid early example).
By the finale, there's only a few left, but they make a formidable team, and together with Nancy (still a woefully bad actress) and their shrink, devise a way to get rid of the dream demon once and for all (as if...).

It's a great adventure, with a good story that fits in well with the mythology, and even expands on that mythology somewhat as we learn the supernatural villain is "the bastard son of a hundred maniacs").

Some shitty acting aside, this is inventive horror, scary and vivid. And with John Saxon also returning as Nancy's dad from the original, this is what really kickstarted the franchise into the juggernaut cash cow it became.

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