Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★½

Da 5 Bloods perfectly encapsulates the discrimination against black soldiers during the time of the Vietnamese war, which has unfortunately bled through into the present day. Although not based on true events, the movie highlights the erasure of the black soldiers in reflection, as they made up around 23% of the combat troops despite only making up 11% of the population. This expectation for black soldiers to fight for America, despite still largely being treated as second-class citizens, was highlighted multiple times throughout this movie. As unfortunate as it is, the inequality from the past hasn't died completely, only transformed into something else. Da 5 Bloods is an extremely important movie to watch in the current climate.

Helping with a complex storyline, the aspect ratio is played around with during the film to help us understand when flashbacks are etc. I really enjoyed how the ratio felt quite "blockbuster" during the Vietnam scenes before we enter the jungle, as it highlights the effects that America still has on the country, despite the war being long over. Overall this movie is very visually impressive and I'll definitely be watching it again :)

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