Logan ★★★★½

A beautiful portrayal of the human condition that is ironically seen through a not-so-human nomad. This is an elevation of superhero films akin to The Dark Knight (not quite on the same level critically, but I digress). The violence is revolting yet ethereal in how primal it is, something that is extraordinarily impressive to accomplish. In the end, the violence is used as a way to comment on the savagery and vulnerability to death, something that no one can run from, not even superheroes.

This is the best possible swan song for Hugh Jackman, who gives off the best performance of his role as the rough and exhausted animal-like superhuman. Wolverine is my second favorite superhero behind Batman (of course), so this film was a bit emotional for me who is someone that grew up off of the character.

Beyond the gruesome nature of life is serenity in knowing that life continues through new generations. Logan is not just an incredible superhero film but also an incredible film in general, one that offers reflection on the harshness of life and why it is that it's worth fighting for.

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