Favorite films

  • The Atlas Moth
  • Splatter: Naked Blood
  • Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary
  • August in the Water

Recent activity

  • Saltburn

  • Face

  • The Devils

  • The Driver

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  • Saltburn


    look, the coil could be as orange as the setting sun, ribbons of smoke peeling off it, and i will still put my whole palm on that mf

  • The Devils

    The Devils


    sorry ken russell is like my final boss—or was until lair of the white worm where it finally all made sense. that’s why it took this long for me to watch this
    also i love being wrong so idk

    reed at peak hotness yeah but i’m imagining roseanne seasons 1-3 john goodman in that role. that’s as hot as straight white cis-men have ever been. that’s what they’re supposed to look like

Popular reviews

  • Skinamarink


    i get confused when i see ppl talk about a movie tapping into “primal” fears, bc they always seem tied to the deeper significance behind/roots of fears related to what we’re taught like concepts of evil or the supernatural. when i think of primal fears, i think “did you hear that? what was that?” like bump in the night, unidentifiable shadow shit. the shit that still scares the fuck out of you in a way that’s sometimes embarrassing; like you…

  • Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi! File 02: Shivering Ghost

    Senritsu Kaiki File Kowasugi! File 02: Shivering Ghost

    “The ritual worked as expected.” maybe the funniest on-screen text ever

    shiraishi is so adept at this format it’s honestly staggering