• Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    Elias Koteas is a dreamboat in this as Casey Jones. Also the Splinter puppet is adorable.

  • Zindy, the Swamp Boy

    Zindy, the Swamp Boy

    This entire movie is a long, meandering setup to a punchline you will never in a million years see coming, and I can respect that.

  • The Apple

    The Apple


    Why were there so many movies about musical couples getting split up by Satan figures for a few years there? I mean, The Devil and Daniel Mouse, Rock & Rule, this? Probably I wouldn't have watched The Apple without Rifftrax, but you can't deny that everyone involved in the production of this movie was going as hard as humanly possible on the concept.

  • Galaxy of Terror

    Galaxy of Terror


    Went in expecting an Alien ripoff but this is much weirder than that. A crew sent to rescue a downed spacecraft is killed one by one by creatures representing their primal terrors — there’s one gratuitous rape scene (it’s Roger Corman, after all) featuring a big worm monster but it’s shot so slapstick that it’s mostly just goofy. Things proceed to a bizarre, mystical ending inside a giant alien pyramid. At one point a young Robert Englund fights his evil…

  • Gandahar



    Not as wild as Fantastic Planet, more of a typical adventure story, but there's still plenty of vivid, weird, and beautiful imagery here to enjoy.

  • Shakedown



    Peter Weller and Sam Elliott star in basically two interweaving movies, one about courtroom drama and steamy affairs and the other about an undercover cop fighting the corruption in the police force. The direction is slick and the action escalates from plausible and restrained to become increasingly absurd until at the final scene we are watching Elliott hang off a private jet’s landing gear and throw a grenade up into it before safely leaping down into the river. You might…

  • Demonia



    A bunch of Canadian archaeologists are tormented by the ghosts of Satanic nuns while on a dig in Sicily. Plodding and unoriginal, but one of the Satanic ghost nuns appears nude and shoots a guy with a ghost harpoon gun, so it has that going for it.

  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Saw a 35mm midnight screening at the Roxy and kept expecting Jason to show up, having totally forgotten the premise of the first installment. Pacing is kind of uneven and it drags a little in the second half, but the first-person sequences, Harry Manfredini's soundtrack, and Tom Savini's makeup work are really effective. Plus, that last shot of Alice on the lake is genuinely terrifying.

  • WNUF Halloween Special

    WNUF Halloween Special


    It's trying to do something like the Geraldo Satanism special, and Paul Fahrenkopf is pretty good here, but the other performances are so uneven and the frame device of being found footage doesn't really make sense. Are we watching someone else watching a VHS? Half of it is just fake commercials, which in a better version of the film might be tied to the narrative in some way, but here their only purpose is to say "hey, remember the 80s?" Ultimately pretty empty and disappointing.

  • Street Fighter

    Street Fighter


    No matter how old I get when I see the scene where Bison is explaining his philosophy I hope that Raul Julia is going to burst into song when the music swells.

  • Starcrash



    Caroline Munro runs around in like six different leather bikinis, hangs out with a couple of guys with perms, and drives a "floating city" clearly made out of plastic garbage spray painted silver into a space station shaped like a giant hand all while Christopher Plummer strolls around delivering speeches in a flamboyant outfit as the Emperor of Space. As Star Wars ripoffs go, it's much more entertaining than most of its contemporaries.

  • Fantastic Planet

    Fantastic Planet


    Beautiful animation only slightly marred by weird pacing and a kind of abrupt ending. I love all the dialogue from the alien learning machine that’s like totally plausible-sounding but complete nonsense and I’m pretty sure it’s where they got the idea for the Rick and Morty plumbus bit.