Scream ★★★★

I was looking for another movie to watch and remembered that I could watch this one now. I can't say I was really looking forward to it, but I was willing to give it a watch all the same. I guess I wasn't expecting a whole lot from it, but it really surprised me. Despite being a sequel that picks up the story many years later, it harkens back to the first movie in how meta it can be. It throws out all kinds of rules that it manages to follow at the same time. While the original film called out slashers in general, this one calls out the sequels that introduces a new cast while still using the original characters and story in some way.

I admit that I was getting a little tired of it making rules as it went along and basically calling itself out. It started to get a little old after a while. I figure there would be two killers again, it is pretty much a staple of the franchise after all. For the first time, I figured out one of the killers almost right away just after the opening. The actions of the character, while normal enough, just made me think that person would end up being one of the killers. The kills aren't what I consider gory, but they still worked for the most part. There was one kill that surprised me and I also thought it was the best kill in the movie actually. I would still say that the original is a better film, but this was one of the better sequels in the franchise. I see there is another in the works and I'm fairly excited about it after watching this one.

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