Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

They say legends have a grain of truth in them. This last installment explores what really happened with Sarah Fier, the witch that is said to have cursed Shadyside. It was nice to see the legend explored in the first two films and then find out what really happened in this movie. Like any good legend, there was a grain of truth It wasn't the complete truth though. The story doesn't say this is how the story got twisted, but there is enough information there to make a good guess. The story here is very different from the previous films, until the last act anyway. It was the least gory of the three movies but, I would argue that it has the best story.

The story kept my attention on it. It does a good job of building tension. It also does a good job of showing how paranoia can spread and how quickly people can jump to a conclusion based on things that don't agree with or don't understand. It was a really cool story to me. I also liked the jump back into 1994 and the title screen that pops up to make sure you know that. I figured that would be the case since the first movie ended in a way that it would have to finish up at some point. Since it didn't do that in part two, it made sense it would here. It doesn't completely ignore 1666 and feels like a natural continuation for that part actually. I kind of felt that the back half of the movie lost some of the tension, but I still enjoyed it. It was an excellent end to the trilogy.

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