Blade Runner

Blade Runner ★★★★

Just do everyone knows, I watched the Final Cut version of this movie.

I'm trying to get some movies watched that will be leaving streaming services soonish. I have more to watch, which I will probably watch next weekend. Speaking of movies leaving, I wish HBO Max did a better job of showing that. They do have a category at the bottom of their home page that shows every movie leaving in that month, but it doesn't say anything about it on the movie itself. Sorry for the rant, just think streaming services could do a better job with it.

With this movie being considered a classic sci-fi movie, I have always heard a lot about it and have seen plenty of clips from it. While I like the sci-fi genre, I don't usually go out of my way to watch one. I happened to notice it was streaming so I decided I would watch it, which ended up being sooner than I thought, but that is fine. I can understand why this is a well-loved movie. It has an interesting story, a great cast, and some pretty cool-looking effects. Some of the effects are looking a bit dated now, but they still look pretty cool. As much as I love Harrison Ford, I thought that Rutger Hauer stole the show. Not a lot to complain about with this movie. I do wish that L.A. did turn out like this though.

If you have watched some of the other versions of this movie, which has been your favorite?

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