Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★½

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Not sure if I can pinpoint what exactly feels off here compared to the very clear through line to the takedowns of complacent bourgeoisie types via pranks and games that define Michael Haneke’s oeuvre. The pieces are all there, but it all feels a bit too pat and contrived. No denying that it makes for effective horror, this is some pretty tense shit that really goes for it in its grand guignol finale. It could be that the turn just doesn’t feel as natural as those in Haneke’s universe, it slips things into a more standard horror vibe that’s a disappointing miss.

I started working backward to see when the father could have made a different choice and saved his family…and it takes you back to the very start of the film. It’s kind of a drag to watch him make so many bad decisions or fail to take so many actions. He’s a milquetoast dummy all the way to his end.

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