A Matter of Life and Death

A Matter of Life and Death ★★★★★

March Around the World 2021 #1 - UK

The decision to make the living world in color while "the other world" is black and white says everything needed about this film and its designs.

The opening in space, the plane crash, the french collection agent. The entire first act is simply unimpeachable. The trial maybe wanders a bit, but the things that work are so well done that I could forgive most any flaws. The twist as to our hero's council is a fine piece of scriptwriting. I clapped with glee like a small child. Hard to imagine how affecting the rows of dead soldiers must have been in 1946. This film may be dated and classic today, but this was fresh history and was directly tapping into national mourning upon its release.

As British as any film ever made. They might as well have named it Tut tut, Cheerio! Possibly the most perfect David Niven role of all time.

Shouldn't have waited this long. Since I mostly went chalk on this list in an attempt to clear some long standing blind spots, I hope the quality here is indicative of what is in store. Just an absolute classic.