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  • Cruising


    You fingered him.”
    “I fingered him, but I didn’t think anybody was going to get that far with him.”
    “Sometimes you only get that one chance.”

    Okay, fair enough. 

    I’d forgotten about the Black daddy cop(...?) who just shows up to smack white twunks around. There’s a reparations joke in there somewhere. It’s almost not even a matter of memory — I’ve seen the movie, granted it’s been a few years, and yet can’t claim to have seen those images…

  • Wildlife


    I’d completely forgotten that I was once ambivalent about this (according to this website and its catalog of long-forgotten misjudgments), probably because of how often I found myself thinking about it after the fact, which happened again after I rewatched it recently. There are a few recent films that pop to mind for me on a regular basis, for no particular reason, or for reasons that I don’t want to pick at too insistently. This movie, Super Dark Times, Happy…

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  • A Star Is Born

    A Star Is Born

    I like this movie quite a bit, but why do people keep lying about it? 

    It’s clear that the problem with this movie is that Bradley Cooper—lead actor, director, co-writer, co-producer—has pushed himself so far into its center that he doesn’t seem to realize he’s not actually supposed to be its star. Buddy, you’re pretty much here to be a tragedy—not even a heroic fuckup, really, but a painful liability. And so many of the film’s other perceived flaws—anti-popness, especially—proceed…

  • Booksmart


    Good acting. But. 

    If you’re a student at the kind of high school from which kids regularly graduate to attend Stanford and Harvard and Georgetown and Yale and even get recruited to bypass the whole college scam and start working at Google immediately, and if these other kids manage to find ways to be social and deviant while doing the work it takes to get into those schools, are you really going to think you have to sacrifice being social…