• Obsessed


    Rewatched in 2012.

  • Kindergarten Cop

    Kindergarten Cop

    Rewatched end of the year, 2015.

  • The Mask

    The Mask

    Rewatched end of the year, 2015.

  • Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Rewatched Christmas, 2015.

  • Meet the Parents

    Meet the Parents

    Rewatched Christmas, 2015.

  • The Last Duel

    The Last Duel

    Ridley Scott blamed Millennials for his movie bombing. A movie where he decided to make a movie showing a woman being graphically raped. Social media - that place where Ridley grumbled that Millennials reside instead of movie theatres - is filled with Millennials responding to this insane displaced crackpot criticism by rightfully saying "We did not want to see that."

    Turned it off at that scene. I am ready for him to retire already.

    You know this movie is supposed…

  • The Wizard of Oz

    The Wizard of Oz


    This was a childhood favourite of mine, I assume because they showed it to us in school or something.

    I feel bad saying this, but I've grown out of it. I still like all of the songs. I know all of the words and I sing along. Other than that, I don't think I can bear it. The dialogue, the story. As an adult it is torturous for me to get through.

    Judy Garland is good in it, obviously.


  • Four Christmases

    Four Christmases


    This is *kind* of a Christmas tradition for me. I've only seen it three times, but it's an easy watch.

    The humour of this movie is not intelligent. It's lowbrow. I admit it. But this time I found myself genuinely laughing at some parts. This movie has grown on me maybe a bit.

    It was riding along all great and everything until the vomit scene occurred, where I was like Oooooohhhhh. No WONDER I never gave this a higher rating.…

  • Four Christmases

    Four Christmases

    Rewatched in 2016.

  • The First Wives Club

    The First Wives Club

    Rewatched in 2017.

  • The First Wives Club

    The First Wives Club

    Lovable movie. Rewatched in 2013.

  • The Best Man Holiday

    The Best Man Holiday


    I was invited by a friend to see this in theatres when it was released in 2013. I was so touched to be invited because I hadn't even seen the first movie. We went with a big group and we had a blast. It was so much fun.

    From my memory banks, the things that stood out to me were

    - How hot Terrence Howard was, and his amazing wardrobe
    - How cool Melissa De Sousa was
    - Can You Stand the Rain?

    Everything Terrence Howard did made me laugh. He was my favourite person in the movie.